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Published on Thursday, 1 October 2020 at 11:06:00 AM


Zac Bruce is a multidisciplinary artist who explores the way popular culture narratives shape identity. Through his favoured media of video, photography and installation Bruce evokes compelling dreamscapes that both nourish the human desire for escapism and provoke viewers to examine their own role in the great human drama. Bruce received the 2019 Mid-West Art Prize Overall Award for Excellence from the Geraldton Regional Art Gallery for his film The Wunder Years. He has exhibited at a number of major art galleries, including Fremantle Arts Centre, Lawrence Wilson Art Gallery UWA, Sawtooth ARI Tasmania, and Goldfields Arts Centre. His solo exhibition ‘The Rock’ will tour Australia in 2022.


We once trusted the written word as concrete truth, then we learned to believe in photographs. Now, at last, the moving image is our sacred cow, our final stand against illusion.

But as the veil slips and we emerge into the vast vacuum, we glance back at the once concrete landmarks of human history and ponder: what was real? What fictions made me? And what is it that is coming next?

Simulacrum uses glitched photographs to examine the way people warp the arbitrary, complex stories of life into simple and convenient narratives.


Original artworks from Simulacrum can be purchased at


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