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The Wind and the Ocean | Siné MacPherson

Published on Tuesday, 16 February 2021 at 11:47:34 AM

Systems, signs, and descriptions have always held Siné MacPherson’s interest, from the flagged palm that warns of cyclonic conditions, to the colour descriptions used for identification, to the mariners’ systems used to determine the State of the Sea. Each is a found subject, a ready-made to come across – MacPherson doesn’t make things up.  When something catches her interest, she tries to figure out how to make a painting out of it. Simple curiosity, really, wanting to see how the descriptions, language systems, and information from the stuff of everyday life can look. And MacPherson’s style always responds to the subject, to something already made.

The subjects for Siné MacPherson's meticulously coloured canvases rarely stray far from home. This has included field guides for plants and birds, and dictionaries from her bookshelves, newspapers and even her painting apron. As she noted, her "interests lie in colour, the descriptive languages of visual phenomena, and visual systems.

The Wind and the Ocean Opening Night 6-8pm 12 March 2021 RSVP here

Free Artist talk with Siné MacPherson, Jo Darvall & Bethwyn Porter on Saturday 13 March from 1pm at GRAG 

Image Credit: Sine MacPherson, Indian Ocean - Cyclones (3 of 6), 2017

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