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River, Ocean & Sky I Nicole Dickerson

Published on Tuesday, 3 May 2022 at 12:07:16 PM



This exhibition is about my connection to Yama(t)ji Country, based on the River, Ocean & Sky.


The artworks here represent these important memories & places I have visited, growing up we would be fishing at Greenough River & walking the reefs that connect from the river to the sea, looking for Periwinkles as a kid walking the reef barefoot with my shirt full of the shells at Flat Rocks… I look towards the Ocean & see my memories of my Dad diving for crays, teaching his knowledge to us kids & my cousins, the ocean calms my soul & there is a connection I feel while I am by the ocean, I feel my Fathers spirit... I look towards the sky to see my future mapped out in the stars, the stories in the night sky are old & before my time, I see the lightening on the ocean, it’s magical, these are my memories of the River, Ocean & Sky…

Image credit: 'The Greenough River', Acrylic. 


Entry into the next round has been extended until 3 June 2022. 


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