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Geraldton's Marine Life I Paige Kirby

Published on Thursday, 24 February 2022 at 2:07:36 PM


"This exhibition is a display of the beauty of Geraldton's marine life. I am passionate about raising public awareness of not only the charm that surrounds us, but the importance of conserving the environment. As an aspiring young artist, I chose the medium of charcoal as black and white is a symbol of 'old', and when it's old, it’s in the past. These pieces are not merely just pictures of turtles and sea life, they are a caution that if everyone doesn't work together to change and work in a sustainable way towards the earth, that the only images children will be seeing, are those of the past. Furthermore, I chose to utilise the black and white theme as it is simple, there are two shades to see so the eye doesn't get lost and can focus on the subject and detail of the art piece."

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