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Aves | Sara Walker

Published on Thursday, 16 February 2023 at 2:11:41 PM


As with our human neighbours, we inevitably develop relationships with the birds that share our home.

We're kept awake by the corellas' rowdy rooftop parties, delighted by the glimpse of a handsome wren, and maybe even a little entertained by bickering seagulls/ We're amused by their personality and comforted by their familiarity/ Aves features seven interconnected portraits of iconic species, celebrating Geraldton's feathered residents.


1. 'Crested Pidgeon', 2022

2. 'Nankeen Kestrel', 2022

3. 'Splendid Fairy Wren', 2022 

4. 'Little Corella', 2022

5. 'Red-Capped Robin', 2022

6.'Silver Gulls', 2022

7. 'Sacred Kingfisher', 2022

The Lightbox Gallery Exhibition is Located in Post Office Lane between Marine Terrace and Chapman Road.

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