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Assembling Parts For A Bigger Picture

Published: Friday, 1 June 2018 at 12:24:00 PM

Bruce Slatter and Nicole Slatter, Suburban Picturesque, 2018, 60 x 120cm, Oil on board.

Nicole Slatter, Susanna Castleden, Bevan Honey and Bruce Slatter.

Assembling parts for a bigger picture is an exhibition of works that examine the interconnection between place and its physical and atmospheric materiality. Through an engagement with familiar and distant scenes and objects, works in this show include large-scale drawings, paintings, prints and sculptural forms that honour the process of their construction. This exhibition includes collaborative and individual works that have arisen from a long-standing respect and support of each other’s practices and a shared interest in making. Ideas often evolve from conversations around a kitchen table or in a shed - central to these conversations is always the importance of studio practice and its relationship to ideas about place.

Generated through a collective understanding of making, collaborative projects in the past include works that have been exhibited at Project Space in Melbourne, the Mid West Art Prize in Geraldton, and internationally at the Impact8 conference in Dundee Scotland.

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