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Jane Barndon I Windmills

Published on Friday, 17 April 2020 at 11:46:55 AM

Ever present reminders that the weather rules our lives, to me the
Windmill represents hard work and life on the land - and indeed
makes life on the land possible. Less easily defined, the humble
windmill represents the power of dreams, of having a go, of hope
for a prosperous future, plans well laid and commitments made.
I constantly come back to the windmill for inspiration and have
created a series of windmill themed works, each depicting a local
windmill, and each windmill representative of a different stage in
the life cycle that is life on the land in the midwest.

Jane Barndon is a Midwest artist born and
raised in Chapman Valley. A multi-disciplinary
artist whose work has spanned a wide variety of
formats including traditional painting methods,
public murals, print making and experimental
mixed media, Jane feels a strong affinity to the local landscape
which reflects itself in the majority of her work. Jane also works
closely with unravelling and representing the story behind the
image. This collection has been completed using ink on paper. Each
windmill exists in the local environment in varying states of use, disuse
and decay, and each is a monument to someone’s story.

Exhibition closes: 27 June 2020

You can find out more about Jane at:
Figments and Glimpses Website
Figments and Glimpses Facebook
Figments and Glimpses Instagram

Some of the original artworks from this exhibition are still available
for purchase. All works are are available as an art print. Please
enquire via email to

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