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Half Empty / Half Full

Published: Friday, 16 March 2018 at 3:03:00 PM

With every breath we take, we increase the world's carbon dioxide levels. This exhibition of new work by Mike Singe attempts to identify how climate change influences the way we think about our engagement with the world. Inspired by the portable resuscitation chambers used to revive canaries in coal mines, Half Empty / Half Full bestows common objects, such as balloons and air fresheners, with the ability to act as life preservers or slow executioners for the canaries, depending on the viewer's glass half empty / glass half full disposition. On show 16 March - 14 April 2018.

Image: Mike Singe, CMYK balloons, 2016. Hydrostone, acrylic, wood, vinyl tube + fittings, acrylic resin.

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