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Geraldton Camera Club: Focus

Published on Thursday, 29 August 2019 at 9:52:44 AM

GRAG's upstairs gallery is brought to life by a selection of 44 dazzling photographs from the Geraldton Camera Club, in which members have captured the beauty of subjects ranging from Australian wildlife to rugged Chinese landscapes. Have your say and vote for this year's People's Choice winner! 

Opening Friday 6 September, running until 21 September 2019.

The Geraldton Camera Club is a local photography group bringing together like-minded people, from all backgrounds, by providing support and informal education at all levels of photographic practice.  The Club has been going since the 1950’s and meets regularly at The Residency, Geraldton’s Cultural Trust, on the first Monday of each month.

At every club meeting a themed competition is run to challenge the photographer. This year’s themes have included: Lighting, Framing, Composition, Background, Imitation of Movement, Critical Timing, Time of Day, Size, Shape, Proportion, Texture, and Pattern. Members can enter both a colour and monochrome image for each month’s category. Run concurrently is an open division with one image allowed from each member.  An independent judge from the WA Photographic Judges Association assesses each image on its’ merit and these are awarded from Level 1 to Level 8. 

All exhibits on display in FOCUS 2019 were chosen by a panel of the Geraldton Regional Art Gallery staff and a representative of the camera club. Together they selected the exhibition photographs from those receiving Level 8-Gold Distinction, Level 7-Gold, Level 6-Silver or Level 5-Bronze throughout the year.

 The FOCUS 2019 exhibition depends on the talents and generosity of the Geraldton Camera Club photographers, in collaboration with the Geraldton Regional Art Gallery.

 If you want to learn the basics, to expand or share your skills while being part of a community that shares your “love of the lens”, please feel free to contact Serena Schewtschenko on  0457 761 412, look us up on Facebook or check out the GCC website.

Kate Patience, Lilac breasted Roller, People's Choice Winner, FOCUS 2018, Geraldton Camera Club.

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