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Creations From The Man Cave

Published: Thursday, 5 July 2018 at 11:27:52 AM

Image credit: Neil Elliott, Marine voyage, 2016, found objects. Image courtesy Fotofactory.  

ART ON THE MOVE’s touring exhibition, Creations from the man cave, examines the act of experimentation and creative making, through Neil Elliott’s imaginative recycled sculptures. The works are made out of found objects that Neil Elliott has utilised and crafted into nostalgic works of fine art. The purpose of his art is to inspire creativity, experimentation, and enjoyment. This can be seen through the visual puns, unique compositions  and positive atmosphere of his work and practice. The industrial mood to the collection demonstrates an alternate look at fine art encouraging the viewer to explore their own understanding and views about art. Neil’s light-hearted and playful approach, to the creation of art, makes his work highly accessible to a wide audience.

Neil Elliott, originally trained as a graphic designer and has explored drawing and painting as his main studio practice. Through the application of traditional mediums, he found a passion for cartoon and whimsical characterisation. This playful nature has translated to his sculptures by exploring concepts and materials, such as printmaking, photography, painting, life drawing and mixed media. The ever-changing use of materials is Neil’s way of ‘maintaining  passion and excitement’ in his own artwork. This transfer to sculpture and the 3D form was then a natural progression, which continues the playful and nostalgic atmosphere of his paintings but adds another layer of meaning and context through the use of recycled objects. Neil has an innate sense of balance to his work. He envisions a new purpose for objects that are discarded and often unrelated. Using his imagination and technical skills he sees the lines, shapes, colour and textures of these ‘unwanted’ objects and creates unique artworks.

The strong message of recycling has many environmental advantages, as well as social outcomes. This message is connected through the exhibition, workshop program and Act-Belong-Commit Engagement Program to activate and bring communities together in a fun, creative and positive environment with productive results. Start the journey to reimagine your perspective of found objects and recycling and engage with Creations from the man cave. For more information on Neil's workshops visit the Upcoming Programs page of our website.

An ART ON THE MOVE touring exhibition.

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