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Angela Stewart: Obeisance

Published: Tuesday, 8 May 2018 at 4:15:27 PM

Image: Angela Stewart, Sapience 10, oil on board. Image courtesy of the artist and ArtCollective WA.

On behalf of Art Collective WA, the Geraldton Regional Art Gallery is proud to present new works from Angela Stewart.

Angela Stewart has pursued an interest in portraiture for more than three decades, leading her to study the history of portraiture and its contemporary practice in both her Masters and Doctorate at Curtin University, Western Australia.

In this series Obeisance, Stewart’s paintings and drawings often make stylistic and thematic reference to the Italian Renaissance historical portrait and the transition of the fresco to easel painting. Over time, the rendering of her line and brushwork has dissolved to increasingly reveal materiality and process.With oval and circular frames she examines the margins of a portrait such as the cameo or motifs of flora and fauna in costume and in so doing creates detail of an imaginary narrative. 

Stewart has exhibited extensively throughout Australia as well as internationally and has been acquired by a long list of private and public collections.

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